Elmendorf ARS Digital Page

The club maintains the following to support area digital modes on VHF/UHF.

Use KL7AIR as a call sign on UHF.
70cm 9600 Baud digipeater on 441.175mhz

These use KL7AIR-2 or EARS
2m 1200 Baud digipeaters on 145.01mhz and 147.96mhz
1.25m 9600 Baud digipeater at 223.66mhz

To use these, the commands are as follows:

To connect direct "connect call" or "c call"
To digi thru them "connect (call sign) v call"  or  "c (call sign) v alias"

Example "c kl7yk v ears" or "c valley v ears"

Remember to be on the node frequency 145.01 for the Eagle Node and 147.96 for thr Valley Node.
These are all FM simplex.

You can leave mail on the 1.25m and 2m TNC's direct by connecting to KL7AIR-5, a menu will pop up for you.

Should you have questions ask one of the experienced area operators or contact "club@kl7air.us".