As required by base regs we have reviewed this document and no changes were required as of Dec 4 2018.



Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society


Name and Purpose

SECTION 1 - NAME: The name of this organization shall be the Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society, a non-profit organization hereinafter referred to as EARS, or the club. .

SECTION 2 - PURPOSE: The purpose of the club is to make positive contributions to morale on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, and the surrounding communities.  This is accomplished by sponsoring Amateur Radio-related activities and fellowship opportunities for military Amateur (HAM) Radio Operators, and providing an organized group or trained and equipped communicators available to federal, state and local agencies in the event of an emergency or disaster.


General Provisions

SECTION 1 - AUTHORITY: The Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society is a private organization operating on Elmendorf AFB under the authority of AFI 34-223.  It is a self-sustaining interest group operated by people outside the scope of any official position they have with the Federal government.  The club operates only contingent upon compliance with the requirement and condition of applicable Air Force directives.

SECTION 2 - OBJECTIVES:  In order to maintain constancy of purpose, the club will establish goals and objectives designed to fulfill the purpose.  The broad goals and specific objectives are dynamic and will be reviewed and published annually by the Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society Executive Committee.  The goals and objectives will be presented to the entire membership during the first meeting of January for voting approval.

SECTION 3 - LIABILITIES:  The liabilities of the Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society are as follows:

            a.  OBLIGATION:  Obligations will be for the sole use and benefit of the Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society.  No individual may obligate the club without approval from the executive committee.  If an obligation is made without prior approval, the member will be held liable.

            b.  INSOLVENCY:  Members of the club may become financially liable for the obligations or debts of the club if its assets fail to meet such obligations and debts.  Said membership is also liable under the laws of Alaska for organizational debts in the event the organization’s assets are insufficient to discharge liabilities.

SECTION 4 - EMPLOYMENT: Any employment by the organization will not be based on race, color, marital status, age, creed, national origin, political affiliation, membership in a labor organization, sex, or physical handicap.

SECTION 5 - FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL LAWS:  The Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society will comply with all federal, state, and local laws governing like civilian activities.



SECTION 1 - QUALIFICATIONS:  Membership in the Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society is voluntary and unrestricted with respect to race, religion, color, national origin, or sex.  Membership will be extended to all personnel, military and civilian, who are interested in Amateur Radio and have authorized access to base facilities.

SECTION 2 - TYPES OF MEMBERSHIP:  The Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society will have only two types of membership: full membership with all privileges and regular membership which has all privileges and rights except for holding an elected office.  The designation of Full Member is held for members holding a valid FCC Amateur Operator’s License of any class.

Regular members are those who have yet to complete the licensing requirement as required by the FCC.

SECTION 3 - FEES AND DUES:  Membership dues are $20 annually for all members.

SECTION 4 - APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP:  Membership is open for all individuals who meet the requirements outlined in Article III, Section 1. 


Officers and Governing Body

SECTION 1 - DESCRIPTION:  The Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society will be governed by an executive committee consisting of three elected officers: President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer.  Officers will ensure the Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society complies with all requirements of this Constitution.  Further to avoid any possible conflict of interest the President of EARS cannot hold an office on any other local Amateur Organization. 

            a.  PRESIDENT:    


                        (1)  Responsible for enforcement of the Constitution, and all other rules, regulations, and conventions of the club.

                        (2)  Presides over all meetings of the club.

                        (3)  Appoints and terminates special working committees as necessary.

                        (4)  Countersigns all club minutes.

                        (5)  Represents the club at all functions requiring an organizational representative.

                        (6)  May sign checks in absence of treasurer if designated on the account.

                        (7)  Acts as Treasurer in his or her absence.

                        (8)  Appoints a Recorder in case of his or her absence.

                        (9)  Responsible for the disposition of any assets or discharge of any liabilities remaining in the event the club is dissolved.

            b.  VICE-PRESIDENT:

                        (1)  Perform duties of the President in the absence of the President.

                        (2)  Assumes the duties of the President in the event of resignation or removal of the President.

                        (3)  Monitors progress of all committees.

                        (4)  Monitors membership continuity.

                        (5)  Performs duties as Parliamentarian.

                        (6) May sign checks in absence of treasurer if designated on the account.

            c.  SECRETARY/TREASURER:

                        (1)  Receives and disburses funds belonging to the club as directed by the voting membership and / or the executive committee.

                        (2)  Collects funds as required.

                        (3)  Maintains club financial records.

                        (4)  Presents a financial summary at each membership meeting.

                        (5)  Maintains the club checking account.

                        (6)  Signs checks.

                        (7)  Acts as Vice-President in his or her absence.

                        (8)  Whenever the Treasurer leaves office, the account will be audited by a disinterested party prior to the new Treasurer taking office.

                        (1)  Records proceedings of general membership meetings, executive committee meetings, and special meetings called by the President.

                        (2)  Maintains club membership lists with records of attendance and participation.

                        (3)  Makes available to the membership copies of Constitution, and minutes of all meetings.

                        (4)  Distributes meeting minutes to all applicable members.

                        (5)  Provides membership-meeting minutes to the 3rd Services Squadron PO monitor.



            a.  NOMINATIONS:  Nominations will be made at open membership meetings.  Nominees must give consent, in person or in writing, of willingness to serve if elected before elections may be held.

            b.  PROCEDURES:  All officers will be elected by a majority vote, using secret ballots, of all members present at the election meeting.

            c.  ABSENTEE BALLOTS:  Absentee ballots will be allowed for members who are TDY, or on leave.  Absentee ballots must be received by the executive committee or designated individual before the general election.

            d.  TERM OF SERVICE:  Elections will be held in December and the new officers will serve for one year beginning 1 January.  This election may be accomplished by secret ballot in person or via electronic mail to a designated email address.   As determined by the Executive Committee before the election occurs.

            e.  SPECIAL ELECTIONS:  Except for the Presidential vacancy, special elections will be held at the next possible meeting to fill the officer positions.  In the event of a Presidential vacancy, the Vice-President will automatically assume the position and hold Vice-Presidential elections.

            f.  VACANCY APPOINTMENTS:  The president may appoint a member to fill an interim officer vacancy to ensure continuity until elections are held.

            g.  NEW OFFICERS:  New officers will consult the 3rd Services Squadron for guidance and training on local base requirements, procedures, and information that supplements AFI 34-223, if needed.


            a.  REMOVAL FOR CAUSE:  Officers may be removed from office for improperly discharging duties and responsibilities or for actions that discredit the club.  A two-thirds vote of the current membership shall be required to remove an officer.  Officers being considered for removal will be allowed the opportunity to address the membership.

            b.  RESIGNATION:  Officers may resign by submitting their resignation in writing to the executive committee.  Resignations will be effective 45 days later.

            c.  PCS/PCA:  Officer terms are automatically terminated 45 days prior to PCS or PCA.

            d.  TDY:  Members who hold an official capacity and will be TDY longer than 90 days may be required to resign from that office or position.  These occurrences will be presented on a case-by-case basis to the membership for determination.




            a.  GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS:  General meetings are held quarterly and are the forum for conducting normal club business.

            b.  SPECIAL MEETINGS:  Called by the President, these meetings are used to fill officer vacancies or conduct immediate business that must be resolved before the next scheduled general membership meeting.

SECTION 2 - QUORUM REQUIREMENTS:  Three members and at least two officers will constitute a quorum.

SECTION 3 - TIME AND PLACE OF MEETINGS:  Notification of meetings will be made through meeting minutes or as otherwise deemed appropriate by the executive committee.

SECTION 4 - PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES:  General membership meetings will include the following:

            a.  RECURRING BUSINESS:

                        (1)  Review and approval of previous minutes

                        (2)  Treasurer’s Financial Report

                        (3)  New/Departing Members

            b.  OLD BUSINESS

            c.  ITEMS FROM MEMBERS

            d.  NEW BUSINESS



Meetings will be adjourned by a motion from the floor and agreement by majority vote of members present.

SECTION 5 - MEETING MINUTES:  The Secretary (or designated replacement) will record the contents of each meeting.  The minutes, including financial statements, will be distributed to all club members and the Services Squadron within two weeks. 




            a.  VOTING ENTITLEMENTS:  All members have full voting rights.  The President may not vote except in a tie or during an election of club officers.

            b.  PASSAGE REQUIREMENT:  A simple majority of eligible members present is required for passage.

            c.  TIE VOTES:  In the event of a tie, the President will cast the tie-breaking vote.

SECTION 2 - SPECIAL VOTING PROCEDURES:  Approval of the Constitution, or any revision will require a two-thirds majority vote of all members.  Removal of an officer for cause shall require a two-thirds majority of all members.




            a.  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  This committee is charged with ensuring compliance with the bylaws of the Constitution.  The three officers of the club, with the President acting as Chairperson, will compose the body of this committee.  Minimum duties of this committee include:

                        (1)  Review of all proposed constitutional changes.

                        (2)  Annual review of charter and bylaws before submitting them to 673rd SVS for review.

                        (3)  May disburse up to one hundred dollars between general membership meetings with the concurrence of the majority of the executive committee members.

                        (4)  Charged with supervising the annual election of new officers, will accept nominations from the floor during the September meeting and will prepare ballots for the December election.

                        (5)  During the December meeting, the Committee will introduce the nominees to the membership.  Nominees will be given the opportunity to speak.  Afterwards, the committee will conduct the elections.

SECTION 2 - SPECIAL COMMITTEES:  Special committees will be appointed to plan, organize, and execute specific projects.  The President will appoint the Chairperson of the committee and the remaining committee members must be volunteers.


Fund Raising Activities

Fund raising projects will be voted on and administered by the membership of the club.  These events will be coordinated through the Services Commander (673SVS/CC) and approved by the installation commander or designated representative.  The organization will not engage in any activities that compete with those of any appropriated fund SVS activity, Army and Air Force Exchange services, or NAFI programs on Elmendorf AFB or are prohibited by AFI 34-223.




            a.  Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society:  The club  shall be responsible for asset accountability, liability satisfaction, and responsible financial management.

            b.  APPROPRIATED FUNDS/NAFI:  Neither appropriated funds activities nor NAFIs may assert any claim to the assets or assume any obligations of private organizations.

c.      TREASURER:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the deposit of funds into a checking account with a designated banking facility on Elmendorf AFB.

SECTION 2 - FINANCIAL STATEMENTS:  The Treasurer will maintain a monthly financial statement and present the status of all financial transactions and current balance, at each regular meeting of the club and submit a copy of monthly financial statements to 673 SVS Private Organization monitor. 

SECTION 3 - AUDIT REQUIREMENTS:  The account will be audited prior to the installation of a new Treasurer or when the membership deems necessary.  The audit will be performed by a disinterested party of two individuals with no ties to the club officers.  If gross annual revenue is $5,000 or more, an annual financial statement will be submitted to the installation commander or his representative.  If gross annual revenue is more than $100,000, but less than $250,000 an annual review by a public accountant is required.   

SECTION 4 - SELF-SUSTAINMENT:  The organization must be self-sustaining.

SECTION 5 - CHECKS:  All checks for club expenditures will be signed by the Treasurer and another officer to maintain two person control of funds.


Revision and Approval of Charter

Suggested revisions to the charter may be submitted as new business at any scheduled club meeting.  Upon approval by a two-thirds majority of members, the charter will be amended to reflect the change.  The charter will then be effective upon signature of the President of the club.  The charter will be forwarded to the 673rd Services Squadron for review and staffing through 3WG/JA, with final approval by the installation commander or appropriately delegated approval authority.



In case of dissolution of the Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society, written notice will be given to the 673rd Services Commander and dissolution will be carried out only with the final approval of the installation commander or representative.  Whatever funds are contained in the Treasury at the time will be used to satisfy any outstanding debts, liabilities, or obligations.


Insurance Coverage

A waiver of insurance will be requested from the Installation Commander or designee due to the low risk nature of this organization.  Insurance for special activities involving members of the general public, or which are potentially hazardous, will be obtained commensurate with the risk involved.


Annual Review

SECTION 1 - REVIEW IN ACCORDANCE WITH AFI 34-223:  Each organization is required to undergo an annual review by the 673rd Services Squadron to determine if its constitution, bylaws, charter, articles of agreement or other organizational documents, prescribing membership provisions and purposes, still apply.  The date of this review will be one year from the date of establishment or date of review.

SECTION 2 - 673RD SERVICES SQUADRON NOTIFICATION:  In accordance with AFI 34-223, we must provide the 673rd Services Squadron with:

                        (1)  Copy of the Constitution and Bylaws.

                        (2)  Copy of Insurance/Waiver of Insurance.

                        (3)  List of Current Officers (including office symbols and phone numbers).

                        (4)  Copies of meeting minutes.

                        (5)  Copies of financial statements.

                        (6)  Copies of tax exempt status documents.

Failure to comply with AFI 34-223 will result in recommendation for dissolution.

This charter was approved as unchanged by a majority vote of the Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society and became effective 4 DEC 2018.  



                                                                        President, Pat Patterson

1st Ind, 673 MSG/CC




                                                              JOHN T. CARAMTA, Col, USAF