Normal KL7AIR/KL7USA Events Schedule for 2017

North American QSO Party, 21 Jan 
ARRL VHF and Up Contest, 21 Jan
KL7RST Special Event 1 Mar
ARRL Inter. DX Contest SSB,  4 March 
CQ WW WPX Contest, SSB,  25 March 
ARRL VHF and Up Contest, 10 Jun 
ARRL Field Day, 24 June - Paxton Park JBER
North American QSO Party, SSB,
19 Aug 
WAE DX Contest SSB, 9 Sept 
ARRL VHF and Up Contest, 9 Sept 
CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest, 28 Oct 
ARRL November Sweepstakes, 18 Nov 

Unless otherwise indicated we operate from the club station only.

We ask before each event for input from any member so we can try to plan accordingly.  
While most events end up involving only 2 or 3 members we always have an open invitation to anyone, member or not to join us.
If your interested in joining us for an event but do not have access to the DOD Facility we can try to get you in as a guest.  That said remember that we too are subject to the whims and restrictions that could be imposed at any time on access to the base or even the building.  We are guests of the Civil Air Patrol and on occasion there is a conflict with what we want to do and what they need to do.

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