Doug and Woody
Doug and Woody operate the FT-450 for Field Day
Field Day 2015
Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society
Antenna Farm
Location- Paxton Park, JBER

Good turnout for a small club this year.  Scored 894 points total.
Made 68 contacts over 4 bands.
Last year we did better but the bands were in great shape last summer.
20m was the goto band for this one.  That A3S Yagi is a great addition to the kit.
We also used a Double G5RV and a 30 ft Vertical.
Radios were again this year- Yeasu FT-450D and an FT-897D, max power 100 watts.
Small Generator and Battery Power only.  
Even had a solar/battery powered APRS Beacon running for the day.

Info Booth
2015 Info Booth

Station #2 FT-897

Travis, Doug and Woody setup the Yagi

Map to the Field Day Location