Digital Radio Support


ARES 2m/70cm/1.25m RMS Usage:
Using RMS Express, Paclink or Airmail connect to WL7CVG-10.
You will need to have already established an Account thru
From this system you can send an email to anyone from radio to the internet.
 The Winlink mailbox for us is "KL7AIR@WINLINK.ORG".

Area Winlink RMS Systems:
WL7CVG-10 144.91 1200 baud
KL7AA-10 144.97 1200 baud
WL7CVG-10 223.66 9600 baud
WL7CVG-10 441.175 9600 baud
KL7JFT-10 145.19 1200 baud

This MESH Network runs independent of the area providers over 3 ghz devices. It will remain operational even if the area providers were to go dark.  There is also a satellite based internet connection available in the event the normal routes go down from an earthquake etc...


We also operate an APRS IGate at 144.39mhz as KL7AIR-10.  
Radio is a IC-2100 using a KPC 3+ TNC on an omni vertical antenna.
Dell Desktop running Win10 and UI-View32.

Call Signs KL7AIR-2 or EARS
2m 1200 Baud digipeaters on 145.01mhz and 147.96mhz
These consist of 2 KPC3+ TNC's and 2 Motorola Mobile Radios.

To use these, the commands are as follows:

To connect direct "connect call" or "c call"
To digi thru them "connect (call sign) v call"  or  "c (call sign) v alias"

Example "c kl7yk v ears" or "c valley v ears"

Remember to be on the node frequency 145.01 for the Eagle Node and 147.96 for thr Valley Node.
These are all FM simplex.

You can leave mail on the 2m TNC's direct by connecting to KL7AIR-5, a menu will pop up for you.

Should you have questions ask one of the experienced area operators or contact "".